Mitchley Hill and Dunmail Drive

You will need planning permission for the following kinds of development in Mitchley Hill and Dunmail Drive.

The open land within this designated area to the south of Mitchley Hill and east of Dunmail Drive is under pressure from a number of changes which could result in threats to the open character and appearance of this part of the Metropolitan Green Belt. As such, the following permitted development allowances have been removed from within the designated area:

  • The erection, construction, maintenance, improvement or alteration of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure;
  • The formation, laying out and construction of a means of access to a highway; and
  • The temporary use of the land for the holding of a market or for motor car and motor cycle racing (including trials of speed and practising for these activities) and the provision of any associated moveable structures.

The council prepared a non-immediate Article 4 Direction that requires that planning permission be sought for those types of development listed above. The Direction was approved by the Secretary of State on 31 August 2006 and remains in force.

Download Mitchley Hill Dunmail Drive Article 4 Direction