Includes the Selsdon Community Plan 2020.


Selsdon Community Plan 2020 - 2025

The Selsdon Community Plan is all about the community coming together to share a vision to improve Selsdon as a place, by developing key project priorities and actions to achieve this aim. This five-year plan, will cover the areas of Selsdon, Forestdale and Addington Village.

A project team made up of local groups, churches, ward councillors, Croydon Council, local businesses and schools are working together to help realise this vision. The project team was set up on the 22nd July 2019 with the aims of:

  • Building a pleasant, modern, healthy environment respectful of its heritage, fit for the future
  • Nurturing sustainable local businesses to secure high quality jobs for local people
  • Creating a connected, collaborative, welcoming community of which residents  are proud

Community engagement: Nov 2019 to March 2020

The engagement events happened over a period of approximately five months and close to 1,000 gave their views as follows.  

Community Events

  • November 2019 Community event at Selsdon Baptist Church
  • November 2019 Christmas Market engagement stall
  • February 2020 Young people engagement event at Quest Academy 

Online survey

From 16 December 2019 to 12 March 2020

Next steps for the Selsdon Community Plan

  • Feedback from the engagement is being analysed currently to produce a final Selsdon Community Plan (SCP).  This will set out priorities for the community to take forward Quick Win projects, key priorities and associated projects. 
  • Unfortunately Covid-19 has delayed production of the SCP and the aim is now to publish in Summer 2020

In the context of Covid-19 priorities will be reviewed by the SCP Team. The team continue to meet and are looking at how to take forward the priorities in a safe sustainable way

Keeping in touch

To contact our project team, or join our mailing list, please send us an email at;


Selsdon Community Plan timeline (PDF, 94.7KB)
About Selsdon (PDF, 288.6KB)