The Waldrons conservation area

You will need planning permission for the following kinds of development in The Waldrons.

The conservation area is under pressure from a number of changes which could result in threats to its special character and appearance and the following development rights will therefore be removed from properties within the conservation area:

  • The provision within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse of hard surfaces
  • The erection, construction, maintenance, improvement or alteration of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure

The Council has confirmed a non-immediate Article 4 Direction and requires that planning permission be sought for those types of development listed above. The delegated report setting out the Council's approach to serving the Article 4 Direction is available to download below.

Owners/occupiers within the conservation area have been made aware of the confirmation of the Direction by letter and public notices have been published in a local newspaper and erected in the local vicinity. Copies of the letter and public notice can be downloaded below. The Secretary of State has also been notified in accordance with Paragraph 1, sub-paragraph 11 of Schedule 3 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015. The Article 4 Direction applies to selected properties (5-23 inclusive) within The Waldrons Conservation Area. A copy of the Direction, including a map defining the area covered is available from the download section below.

The Article 4 Direction came into force on 21 January 2016.