Get free air pollution alerts via text message, telephone or email.

airTEXT sends air pollution alerts and health advice to those who are most likely to be affected by air pollution. You can register for thisĀ free service if you

  • have been diagnosed by your doctor with asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, heart disease or angina
  • live or work in Croydon

How to register

Complete the online form. You can choose to receive the alerts by:

  • text message to your mobile phone
  • recorded voice message to your home phone
  • email

When you will receive messages

You can choose to receive your alerts either between 6pm and 7pm on the evening before, or between 7am and 9am on the morning when an episode of air pollution is expected.

You are likely to receive around 45 alerts per year, depending on air pollution levels. Air pollution levels tend to rise on hot, sunny days in summer and cold, still days in winter.

Once air pollution levels increase, they often remain high for 2 or 3 days. We call this a pollution episode. You will get a message for each day that the pollution episode lasts. Once the messages stop it means that pollution levels are forecast to be low again.

What to do when you receive an alert

Each alert will contain brief information about symptoms and health advice. There are a number of simple steps you can take to reduce the effect of pollution on you. These include taking your inhaler or angina spray with you, taking extra doses of your medication if your symptoms worsen, and avoiding strenuous outdoor activity.

Call or email us if you require further information.

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