Get a verification code

  1. Enter the email address you used to register.
  2. Click ‘Send verification code’.
  3. We'll then email the verification code to you. We do this for added security, to make sure that the email address you've used belongs to you.

    Sending a verification code

Finding your verification code 

  1. The verification code will be in an email from Microsoft, on behalf of London Borough of Croydon. Check your junk or spam folder if you can’t find the email. 

    Keep the My Account page open so you can add the code. If you close the page, you'll have to request a new code

  2. Next, go back to My Account and enter the 6-number code, where it says ‘Verification code’. Make sure you add the number without any extra spaces.

    Add your verification code

  3. Then click ‘Verify code’. 
  4. The code will only work for 5 minutes. If you don’t enter it in time, simply click on ‘Send new code’. 
  1. Go to My Account and click 'Forgot your password' to start.

  2. Request a verification code and it'll be emailed to you. Once you have it, enter the code into the password reset screen. 

  3. Set a new password to sign back in to My Account.