COVID alert level and data for Croydon

Confirmed cases, deaths and other data for Croydon and the UK.

Current local COVID-19 alert level

from Wednesday 2 December Croydon will be under tier 2 restrictions

Confirmed cases and deaths

The data shows:

  • the total number of confirmed cases in Croydon – the yellow dots on the graph show when significant events and restrictions were imposed
  • the number of registered deaths

You can also view the graph in a full screen on Microsoft Power Bi

Infection rates

The estimated R number in London is now above 1, which means that infection rates are growing across the whole of London. On 31 October the government announced that England would enter a second national lockdown. From 5 November national restrictions came into force - GOV.UK.

New cases in the borough are spread across all ages. We are starting to see a slight increase in the number of COVID-19-positive results in hospital and in care homes.

Keeping you and others safe

While COVID-19 is a mild illness for many people, it can be devastating for others, particularly our older and most vulnerable residents. It is therefore crucial that everyone in Croydon acts now to protect themselves, their friends, family and wider community.

Unfortunately, during these times we can see an increase in crime and scams that target the elderly and vulnerable. We have information and support to keep our community safe during this time.

Government and NHS data

Data on COVID-19 testing, deaths and other monitoring is collated by the government and NHS.

Coronavirus in the UK

The government's Coronavirus in the UK website shows the number of cases and the number of deaths within Croydon.

The data relating to infections on our website comes from this source, but please be aware that deaths reported by the government dashboard uses a different methodology than presented in this dashboard.

The government dashboard shows the number of people who have received a positive test result, prior to death, who have since died. This is regardless of the cause of that death. This dashboard also includes national and regional information relating to testing and healthcare.

Testing rates and monitoring

The government's weekly COVID-19 surveillance reports summarise the information from the surveillance systems which are used to monitor the pandemic in England.

They include maps of testing rates across the country and also lists the Local Authorities on the Government's Watchlist that are areas of intervention, areas for enhanced support and areas of concern.

Read the government's weekly COVID-19 surveillance reports on GOV.UK

NHS symptom reporting

NHS Digital's Progression Dashboard shows the number triages of coronavirus symptoms through NHS Pathways by calls to NHS 111 and 999 and through NHS 111 online.

See the NHS Digital's Progression Dashboard on