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Youth Offending Service

Aims to reduce the level of offending by children and young people aged 10-17. 

YOS is part of Croydon Council, but also separate, as it is made up of people from the local authority, police, national probation service, health authorities and other local organisations, who all work together to try and help you if you’re involved in offending.

This multi-agency approach is designed to address the risk factors associated with offending and to meet the individual needs of young people.

The aims of YOS are to:

  • work in partnership with other agencies to reduce youth crime
  • ensure that each young person who breaks the law is dealt with without delay and in a manner that meets the needs of the individual
  • work with young people to address the particular issues that put them at risk of offending
  • encourage consultation with young people about the services they receive and ensure that our service reflects and values fairness, equality and diversity
  • confront young offenders with the consequences of their behaviour in relation to themselves, their family or carer, the victim and the community to develop a sense of personal responsibility
  • encourage young people to provide reparation to victims
  • reinforce the responsibility of parents to help them prevent their children from offending
  • protect the public

Support for looked after children

Our Youth Offending Service (YOS) is based in the Turnaround Centre and works in partnership with other teams who directly support looked after children – like the Leaving Care or Permanence Service.

    Find out about the local offer for care leavers.

    This service is for: 

    • Children and young people aged 10 to 17.

    Contact Information

    Contact phone
    020 8404 5800


    Turnaround Centre, 51 to 55 South End , Croydon CR0 1BF , United Kingdom